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Image Library

This website features a selection of David's work. If you would like to see more extensive collections covering, travel, food, events, and editorial, our fully searchable picture library which is continually expanding to provide picture buyers with a brand new image resource is at David Broadbent. Commercial clients will already be familiar with the library software, which allows composite collections to be put together and saved as light boxes. This feature is intended to make your research task easier, to save you time and allow you to save your choices for future research. Using the images from the site couldn't be easier. Select your images and contact the library on 07771 664973 to agree price and usage. Full resolution images can be emailed individually or for bulk purchases delivered electronically via Gmail, We transfer or any package that best suits your own workflow. All image prices are negotiable with various levels of licensing available.

Khumbu Trekking

A series of pictures from the travel portfolio. "Khumbu trekking" is a quirky set of images depicting the popular trekking route to Everest base camp in the Autumn trekking season. Originally shot on colour film stock, these images show the everyday life of the Nepali and Khumbu people.


A quirky set of travel images of this fascinating and bohemian UK south west city. 


Dean Forest Bee Keepers

In an innovative local scheme, the garden society offered £300 start up cash to anyone who wanted to begin beekeeping. In this photo essay David follows the new beekeepers as they learn and develop as beekeepers. The project also captures the informal support network of training and mentoring offered by more experienced beekeepers. Bookmark the lifestyle section to keep up to date with all the latest pictures.


Coming soon will be a new collection of the UK's emerging Steampunk culture including the people and the bands. David has been documenting, this group who are at the forefront of where high street fashion will surely go next, for over several years. Their ecclectic costumes draw refences from a Victorian world and it's positive values of society and the writings of Jules Verne and others. Also big news in the States, this genre just keeps growing. For the future, David will be covering the Steampunk movement and music as it continues to grow. Please get in touch if you would like to use any of the images from this set or you are a potential model. We insist that models represent the "high street" and there is no requirement to conform to any body image stereotypes.


Contact David for commissioning information. He has a wide range or national clients including The Racehorse Owners Association, London, Dawleys, the RSPB and the Didmarton Bluegrass Festival as well as national editorial work. Whether it is product, branding, PR, editorial or events our very competitive fixed price daily rate, which includes all travelling and initial post production, helps to make budgeting your projects easier.   

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